The organisation of the events in Rome on 25 March is in full swing. With this we would like to update you on the latest developments.

UEF Groups coming to Rome Apart obviously from the many groups being organised in Italy, we have now the pleasure to count 14 different local groups of different sizes departing from all over Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bern, Brussels  Budapest, Luxembourg, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Sofia, Stuttgart.and Vienna. We urge you once again to work to organise a group from your city/region. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the secretariat team to ask for support and keep us informed of your plans. I am also glad to inform you that, for any group of 25 people or more from outside Italy, UEF is now able to offer a limited number of accommodation (for 2 nights in a decent hotel/hostel in a central location) for 50€ per person for the entire weekend. These places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, please apply as soon as possible. This offer is conditional to the donation of your group’s travel costs to UEF Europe by providing copies of the tickets and signing related donation forms.

Communications and Advocacy The website of the event was launched last week, together with the associated social media accounts on twitter and facebook. The launch of the official communication platforms generated a momentum that reinforced our visibility and allowed for better coordination of the different actors involved in this project. The launch of the French version of the website today will very likely increase our outreach. We count on social media to increase the visibility and mobilisation for the event. However, we will manage only if you yourself contribute. As sections’ representatives, you are the ambassadors of this project all over Europe and you have a unique role to play. It would be highly appreciated if you could actively support us in different ways. In particular, by liking the facebook page (click Like in the top-left corner) you will improve our ranking. You can also invite your friends to like the page (look for that option on the right side of the screen, just beneath the “search” field). It is also possible to “share” the page (click on “Share”, right next to “like”) either on your own wall (your friends will see it), on a friend’s wall (their friends will also see it) or on a group’s wall (to make the promotion of the March among all the members of the group). Think that the more traffic and the most likes we get in the page, the more new participants and media attention we will attract, and the more credible our initiative will be. You can do the same for the event itself. You can also try and publish info on the event on a local, regional or national newspaper. We are preparing a number of communication initiatives for the coming weeks, including a series of visuals and videos. Volunteers with experience in translation and design are more than welcome to join our volunteers team to help us build our presence online.

Spread the word and encourage your members to contact us at So this is the time: mobilise your networks! Partners We are reaching out to a wide range of organisations to join the March for Europe as supporters. We are also contacting personalities outside the political world to get their public support through videos or audio messages. We will update the website with any new supporters. There is much you can do in this respect.

By reaching out to local partners: you know other pro-European associations in your region or country? They might not be aware of the March for Europe and could potentially contribute to its success by helping you to put a group together. A call or an email  only takes a few minutes but can make a difference.

By reaching out to local authorities: local authorities do benefit sometimes from European support schemes. More often than not, they also have services providing help for local citizens’ initiatives. They could have their say, as sponsors, supporters or multipliers of this event. Target someone to talk to and give it  a try!

The more involved we are, the greater the chances are that the March for Europe will be a great success. We count on you.

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